1983 Lada 2106 1.6


It is a good family car, pretty roomy and capable of reasonable speed


The suspensions had to be replaced, I replaced all of them being cheap.

The engine looks dirty, I could try to clean it, but it drops oil and I would better restore the engine first.

I think the engine must be restored, because it also emits smoke, which I redirect under the car.

The steering wheel is pretty stiff, I really have to work with it when I need a fast turning of the car.

The engine temperature grows pretty fast when driving in town, with much stops and starts, although I have cleaned recently the radiator.

The clock was not working, I will buy another one, is cheap.

The main silencer had to be replaced, it was not destroyed, but some things were clinking inside it.

The dynamo failed to produce electric power when the car lights are on, maybe some diodes are broken. So I had problems exactly at the middle of the way.

Some electric circuits are not working, for example I have no lights at boot, at engine.

General Comments:

I feel very good in my car, because it is roomy and the engine sound is nice when runing at long road.

The seats are good, including the back seats.

The acceleration is pretty good, for the car age.

The speed is good, at 100 km/h it still works smooth and the car is not trembling. I didn't try it over this speed, because it is an old car. The former owner run it at 140 km/h.

The noise is low, the car has a good insulation.

The boot is roomy, I can put all my baggages for a trip.

Would you buy another car from this manufacturer? Yes

Review Date: 9th March, 2004