2005 Mazda 3 LX 1.6 petrol


Perfect. My next one has to be Ferrari to match it :)


Nothing at all.

General Comments:

This car fits me so good, that I simply can't replace it with any other car I've driven. And I've driven everything (almost), from Porsche and Jaguar to Golf or Astra.

Of course, I don't make a comparison between this budget car and some super-car, I just wanted you to have an idea about my driving experience.

I drive about 40,000 km a year, so I spend pretty much time in may car, but so far Mazda 3 has offered me everthing that I wanted. Not "and more", 'cos it wouldn't be true :)

The engine's great, the sound of the exhaust is cool, the interior is perfect fot the money (good quality, but without the Germans' obsession for straight lines and perfection), the exterior is "zoom-zoom", appealing and urban.

Nothing broke so far, and I don't think it's gonna.

The steering is great, the gearbox gives you the feeling you're in perfect control, at high speed cornering it feels like it has glue on tires, and I rarely needed the safety (ABS, EBD) systems, due to the perfect balance of weight.

On the other side, the engine is a little flat, the clutch is jumpy, the mileage is quite poor, the suspension is noisy, and the taxes are huge.

If I would buy another car from Mazda? What other car? :)

I love it, but I won't wait another 3 months for a car as I waited for this one, and I need a little more power, so I'm thinking a bigger engine for my next one.

As a whole, it's different, it's happy, it's VERY well built, runs perfect, good value. But a little boring as it lacks a little extra power that the chassis is built for...

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Review Date: 5th February, 2007

5th Feb 2007, 13:28

The new 3 is an absolutely AWESOME car. We were unfortunate enough to own a Mazda before Ford took over, and it was absolute GARBAGE. Since Ford has taken over both the build quality and reliability have improved tremendously. I test drove a new 3 before buying my last car and was impressed with everything but the very harsh ride, which is why I opted for a smoother riding GM car. I have back problems and the 3's stiff ride was just too rough for me.