2005 MG ZR VVC 160 1.8


Performance balanced at low cost


Battery fault (because of low temperature - I didn't start the engine for 2 weeks though).

The knob can fall off if you change the gears aggressively.

General Comments:

Although I knew the car from magazines from a fair amount of time, I wasn't aware of its performance. It's simply amazing.

Consider this: 160 HP, 1.8 petrol engine, 5 gears speed box and 1180 KG, plus 10.5 lit res/100 KM consumption.

This car blew me away when I drove it, and it does a decent job when driven on the rush hour, even though the suspension is firm, and it gets bumpy.

It doesn't have any luxury inside (except for some leather seats), and is a simple car which can boost you out on the highways (210 KM/h) and take you where you need inside town.

The real threat is the interval between 3500/5000 rot/min, then your heart is beating faster. And it provides exclusivity, when I answer somebody: "I drive a MG" he replies: "what is that".

So if you want a car that connects to satellites and rubs your behind while driving, you can go for other things (Mercedes, Lexus), but if you want a compact (little and mean) beast you can have an MG ZR.

The things that aren't too good at this car are: you can't find it anymore (production stopped, actually has been moved to china, for the TF manufacturing) and the cockpit looks pretty cheap, large amount of brute plastic, manual A/C, generally small details problems.

Would you buy another car from this manufacturer? Yes

Review Date: 8th February, 2008