1978 Opel Rekord 2.0E Coupe 2.0 petrol


Reliable in any situation though a little too greedy on fuel


At 200.000 Kilometers the clutch broke.

Due to bumpy Romanian roads the rear shock absorbers broke after driving 30.000 Kilometers. After another 20.000 I also had to change the front ones.

Fuel tank broke after 180.000 kilometers.

Rust all over the bodywork, a new paint job was required after 180.000 Kilometers.

Fuel consumption is really bad. 16 liters per 100 Kilometers. This means 6 kilometers per liter in city traffic. Maybe 11 or 10 in highway.

General Comments:

Very easy steering, even without assisted or power steering.

Comfortable for long trips, lots of space inside the car, also lots of space for luggage.

Nothing went wrong with the engine or transmission in almost 28 years of life. Good maintenance keeps it still running after 230.000 kilometers. Runs like the first day, though it started to burn some oil for some time now.

Great tunning potential.

Would you buy another car from this manufacturer? Yes

Review Date: 5th May, 2004