2004 Peugeot 206 HDI 2.0 diesel


A real sleeper of an automobile


Engine pollution sensor.

Driver's door cranks when open.

General Comments:

Having this car on loan from a friend as a replacement for my defunct A4, all I can say is wow! This car is a heavyweight in more ways than one, and none of it has to do with its actual weight. Pop up the hood, and half of space is taken up by a humongous air intake and an equally humongous engine. This is the average person's Porsche 911, save for the rear engine and of course the six speed transmission. If I had to put up with all the french car hassles for all that, so be it.

TBH, I never saw it coming; I just took the car home thinking "just another boring weekend". Boy, was I ever surprised. On my way home I served up an X5 which confused my car for a snack, and instead was left in the dust. Next up was a Q3 which could not find enough space alongside on the road. I truly feel sorry for the hapless chaps driving overpriced cars. Does it ooze luxury? Does it dazzle with a plethora of lights and sounds? Does it turn heads in the parking lot or otherwise? The answer is all no, and possibly all the more reason to buy it. But if you want to just chug along in the traffic and embarrass the occasional German Uber-alles, this is one of the very few cars to do it.

The styling is sober, un-infatuated; the driving is engaging even without using its secret weapon. Steering is pleasant, with a solid feel, ride is surprisingly forgiving, yet handling is competent. Brakes are confident. Cockpit position is on par with Mercedes (and I had a few).

The only issue I could find is the torsional strength, which does not bring it up to the level of solidity of a German car. This car has put the issues such as sophistication, expensiveness into a totally different perspective for me. Next summer I will change the wheels on the car, which I have already, complete with summer tires, and perhaps have a chip tuning done on the car. Worth it.

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Review Date: 28th December, 2016

2006 Peugeot 206 OneLine 1.4 HDi


So far so good


Nothing so far (it's only 10 months old), except for the fact that the maintenance indicator shows a false value. It will be sorted out at the one year maintenance.

General Comments:

Since it's a brand new car which costed a serious amount of money I should consider normal the fact that it runs faultlessly ever since it was taken from the dealer, but I've seen many other new cars (of other types) that had lots of trouble in the warranty period, so I consider myself lucky and Peugeot a good car.

The engine, even if sometimes it feels that it's diesel, runs smoothly, has good power for its size and a surprising amount of torque, it's a pleasure to drive. No starting problems whatsoever.

The interiors are o.k. for a car designed 8 years ago, and so are they for a new car actually. Some criticize it, but it's comfortable. Sure, it's not spacious, but you cannot have large space in a small car. The sound-proofing isn't perfect, but the engine noise is not disturbing.

For the moment I am very pleased with the car, I hope that if you ask me three years from now, I will say the same thing.

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Review Date: 22nd December, 2006

2001 Peugeot 206 XR Presence 1.9 diesel


A surprising stylish, comfortable and reliable car


The first thing that went wrong was the dealer. They acted very rude to me and almost made me regret I bought the car from them. The user's manual was in French and they didn't care about replacing it with at least an English version.

During the one year period I had it, there were very few problems with the car. One of them was the electronic oil indicator: it would show "empty" at the slightest slope.

The engine was pretty noisy and a little slow in the first 2 gears, but it was a plain diesel, not a turbo-diesel so that should explain it.

Another issue which was quite unpleasant was the fact the air conditioning system would slow the car a lot. I even had to turn it off when I wanted to pass by a car on a highway. It was quite tricky, but I got used to it.

General Comments:

Overall, it was the car of my dreams. It was very stylish and really caught your eye.

The interior design was great and very functional. It really made me feel I was on a space ship. Everybody was surprised when getting in the car and seeing how spacious and comfortable it was.

Even though it had a plain diesel engine (only 70 horse power), it was nervous and eager to go, especially in the 3rd and 4th gear.

Peugeot 206 "sticks" to the road at high speeds and gives you a good sense of reliability and power.

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Review Date: 22nd January, 2003