2005 SAAB 9-3 Aero TS 2.0 turbo petrol


A fast, stylish, discreet driving machine


Airbag malfunction; the dealer found the source of the problem and promised to correct it, but after 5 weeks, I'm still waiting for the spare part to arrive (sensor located in the front bumper).

Various rattle noises and constant squeaks coming from the dashboard and door panels! These noises started first at 1000 km, and are getting worse day by day.

Poor quality plastics in the interior!

The leather is giving an overall cheap, unsophisticated and rudimentary feeling.

Seats have started to wear sooner than I expected.

Couple of days ago, the driver's side window refused to go all the way up in auto or manual mode, and after 20 minutes of struggling with the controls, I managed to close it, and have never opened it since! I called the service center, and they have promised that they will correct the problem!

Although the dealer is very nice and polite, they seem to have difficulty in solving any kind of problem, and generally give the impression of inability and poor technical expertise.

General Comments:

Despite all these problems, I like the car! It looks great and it is different from anything else on the road!

Speaking about the road, it handles very nice and sharp, and the engine is puling hard. For this money (35000 euro + tax/VAT) you can’t get anything faster or more agile from any German competitor!

If you learn to master the turbocharger, it offers big time power, which translates into fun and relaxed driving when it comes to overtaking somebody, even at high speeds!

It runs smoothly at high speeds, with a very decent consumption for sustained high speed, like 180-200km/h; something like 9 liter/100km with the six speed manual transmission!

I found the seat very comfortable, and I am quite a big person (1.9m/95kg).

I recommend you choose the optional 300W sound system with 6 CD in the dashboard (like I have done). It sounds great (it is true that the standard issue 70W or 150w systems are rubbish).

The ergonomics in this car are perfect! And I am a designer!

Overall, if you can live with small problems and minor inconveniences, like going to the service in every month ;-), the car is good to have! It will put lot of smiles on your face, and set you apart from the crowd!

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Review Date: 9th September, 2005