2008 Toyota Avensis 2.0 D-4D turbo diesel


Reliable, but don't expect too much of it


There should be an oil storage compartment in the trunk as this engine burns the same amount of oil as a Russian truck would burn, 1 litre per 5000 km as average. (Owner handbook says 1 litre per 1000 km is acceptable! OMG...)

After 35k Km, it started to release black thick smoke behind it every time I try to get some power out of it, and I feel like I'm driving second hand junk.

Brake disks on the front wheels wore prematurely; after 42k there is more than a millimeter groove.

The rain sensor for the wipers acts strange, let alone the poor wiper speed management options.

Front lights could be designed more carefully; they collect dirt, and once they get semi opaque, there's no option but driving slow and careful.

The fuel tank cap leaks, and I got a permanent stain of fuel under it.

Same problem with the oil cap on the engine.

General Comments:

My Avensis is an SW, so I got an huge trunk.

Plenty of space on the inside too.

Decent interior design and finish.

Fuel consumption as mentioned in technical data, 6,2/ 100km on average.

Intelligent gizmos not more than necessary: ABS, EDS, ESP, TRC and they are working well.

Excellent safety features (9 airbags).

Dark rear windows factory fitted (even so, it's getting very hot inside on summer sunny days).

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Review Date: 4th May, 2010

2007 Toyota Avensis Wagon 2.0 D4-D


Reliable family car, solid and classy


2.4 liters of engine oil consumption at 12000 km. (first oil renewal set by manufacturer at 15000 km)

General Comments:

Stiff gear box and clutch.

Low visibility at left turns (left hand drive).

Smooth and silent ride, but the engine needs to be worked hard.

Awesome climate control, very efficient.

Decent fuel consumption (new engine).

Dark rear windows factory fitted, useful during summer heat.

Good sound system, excellent safety features (9 airbags, traction control, EDS, excellent ABS system)

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Review Date: 20th May, 2009

2001 Toyota Avensis 1.9 D4D




Keep in mind ALL "mileage" is actually in Km!

Rear door seal started leaking 60,000km. Right after warranty expired.

Starter solenoid went at 80,000km. Made horrible grinding noise when starting - replaced (cheap) Euro 80.

Clutch and flywheel at 82400km. OK, clutch I can understand needing to be changed, but, the flywheel should "never" need replacing with normal wear. The flywheel ALONE was 900Euro. Mechanic insisted NOT to use Toyota part as (he claimed) it had a design flaw they were still manufacturing.

All lights and light-bulbs - rear brakes, turn signals, driving lights... seems like every three months one burns out... or the electrical contacts no longer work.

Driver door lock slips and door can only be opened (reliably) with the remote.

General Comments:

The "good" - excellent fuel (D4D) economy - less than I expected around 6.5L/100 in town and 4-4.2 on the highway. Comfortable ride. Decent acceleration.

The "bad" - comfortable ride means very soft and poor handling, almost downright unstable. Not on par with the Germans or even the Ford Mondeo.


The "ugly" - seems like more breakdown issues than any Toyota should have. More on par with a Volkswagen. Should never have to replace a flywheel! Also, body design has a sloped front hood and a short integrated bumper --- meaning anyone backing up in a parking lot and "bumping" your front end has a GOOD chance of denting the hood of the car -- similar problem with rear taillights (replaced BOTH as a result of 2mph parking lot "incidents")

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Review Date: 28th July, 2006