2007 Toyota AYGO 1.0 gasoline


Low quality. Not a real Toyota


Car was new. No defects.

General Comments:

I had the opportunity to drive a Toyota Aygo for about 20 km.

Although I have a good impression about Toyota as a car manufacturer, I can say that the Aygo in not up to the brand.

I know that this is a small cheap city car, but the quality is still too low.

The dashboard and interior finish are of very low quality plastics.

The gear stick is too long and fragile. Changing gears is not precise at all, and that is very annoying in a city car.

The engine is too weak, and it is noisy when idling. The 3 cylinder configuration is not refined at all. The power is not sufficient: 14.2 s to 100 km/h is not impressive at all for a car that is 800 kg. Even a Logan 1.4 renowned for its sluggishness does a 'thundering' 13s from 0 to 100 km/h.

The suspension is too stiff, and combined with the bad soundproofing makes you feel like you are sitting straight on the asphalt.

The only interesting thing was the sound of the engine at high revs.

All in all this car has the same performance as a Daewoo Matiz, but the Matiz was 6000-7000 EUR and not 9000-10000 EUR as the Aygo is.

Even the 5 liters/100 km fuel consumption cannot compensate the general lack of quality. For the same amount of money you can get a Dacia Logan diesel that does 4.5 liters/100 km!

Would you buy another car from this manufacturer? No

Review Date: 13th August, 2009

12th Jun 2012, 12:04

Have just bought a new Aygo 'Fire' 1.0 5-Door in Metallic Black with alloys and air-con. What a great car! No road tax, no congestion charge. Yes, it was a bit rumbly and noisy for the first few hundred miles, but the suspension has now settled into a softer and quieter ride, and the engine noise is acceptable for normal driving. The cars acceleration has nothing to be ashamed of, and the handling is excellent. All this, and 70 MPG on a run. Who's complaining?