1983 Buick Park Avenue 307 ci


One fine automobile


Battery (few minutes ago)

Ignition (for a very very long time ago)

General Comments:

First, Few minutes ago I was driving this baby and it was great suddenly the battery lamp switched on so I immediately checked the battery and it was OK, but the lamp on the speedo meter was very poor.

Second, when the water temperature goes above about 200F the ignition becomes too slow, but although it starts good, but it becomes too slow. My uncle had once an Oldsmobile 98 and when I told him about it he said that it is normal for the Buick and the Olds because the Buick is got the Olds Engine.

But when you start the ignition for a Chevy Caprice the ignition is much better and much faster even when the water temperature goes high a bit.

My car is one fine automobile It's got everything OK we always appreciate it.

It's got new paint, new seats and almost every thing is new. Thank u.

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Review Date: 12th November, 2004

14th Nov 2004, 20:18

Your Alternator is bad. It's common on these cars and very cheap and easy to replace.

31st Jan 2007, 06:58

The problem with the Buick/Oldsmobile 5.0 liter engine has to do with the starter being mounted behind or above the exhaust crossover pipe.

The pipe gets the starter too hot and as a result, causes it to bind. The other issue within the starter is if it is worn, you will find solder in a ring around the inside and you will end up loosing one armature winding at a time.

Cure: Replace the starter. Try insulating the starter with some asbestos paper or other similar material to get some insulation between the starter and the crossover pipe.

I have had three of these vehicles do the same thing. This cured it.

18th Jul 2007, 21:15

A caprice of the same year would have the same engine, same carburetor, same ignition... pretty much identical under the hood. A couple years later, Caprices would have the fuel-injected 5 liter engine...

You probably just need the carburetor cleaned or something.

My '81 Century had an issue where the choke wouldn't fully close and the car would hesitate or stall until it got warm. I had it rebuilt and it never had a problem again.