2004 Chevrolet Epica LS


Piece of junk


Transmission slip, too much vibration, engine light continuously on.

I had purchased this car as a used car one year ago, and in that one year I spent more than double what I paid for it on maintenance. I changed the engine, gearbox and sensors, but still it was a piece of junk.

Finally I sold it as a scrap on 18 June 2016.

General Comments:

It was always in my mind what would be the next problem.

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Review Date: 18th June, 2016

26th Mar 2017, 09:47

I haven't been having much luck of my own with automobiles lately. Lucky me, after my van broke down beyond repair, a 2004 Epica fell into my lap. I was curious as to how many kilometers were on the car when you bought it??? Also... I don't mean to be offensive at all... but I would think if one good mechanic would have properly diagnosed the problems you were having in the beginning, you would've had a much easier road.

Also, 500 is super cheap for a car... I would expect to sink some money to get that going good... hopefully you learned to research a car before you purchase. If you Google the name of any car model... pages of info are going to come up.

Like I said, please don't take offense. People get taken for a lot more than 500 for not researching. I paid 1000 for the one I just got. Kinda sorta. Bartering some of my work along with some cash... I couldn't find one in nearly as good condition for less than 2000. I searched North America. I saw ones listed for 1000 and they said things like not guaranteed to be road ready... or won't pass testing... or needs lots of work... So I much not sure what I've gotten myself onto... but I'm in Florida and my county no longer requires emissions or safety inspections. It runs great. One owner... a Snowbird who landed here and now she's at the point where she can't drive anymore. So hopefully she was kind to the car... a little old lady's last car.. can't ask for a better story on a used car... LOL.