1991 Honda CRX Si 1.6 petrol


General maint. only.

General Comments:

I love the feeling of power and speed, although you may not be going very fast, but it sure feels like it.

Internal wind noise is too high when going over 200kph, but at that speed it's the least of your problems.

And yes I totally agree "It's a deathtrap!!"

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Review Date: 31st January, 1999

2nd Jul 2004, 17:27

Believe it or not this car actually recieved a 5 star frontal collision rating in north america.

12th Sep 2005, 01:24

I'm not sure what you mean calling the CRX a "deathtrap". It's far from it as the other poster mentioned.

I rolled my '91 CRX twice and walked away without so much as a scratch.