2003 Volvo S40 2.0


The front suspension started creaking after only about 10,000 km's. The first time I am told its normal, second time I threatened to complain to Volvo Sweden if they don't fix it. Problem solved.

The gearbox used to downshift suddenly during acceleration after braking. Dealer upgraded the gearbox software.

Rattling noise from the engine, like a coin bouncing on a metal tray. Service manager said that it would take too long to find out what the problem was and that it was probably not serious since the noise wasnt constant. He assured me that he would change the entire engine if a serious problem was to develop. I agreed fully. The noise is now audible only at over 6,000 rpm.

Cooling fan extremely noisy. No solution.

The steering column cover has become lose, but I'm told it is normal.

General Comments:

You're probably wondering why I'm still so happy with my car, it's because the Volvo dealer made the mistake of giving me a three year unlimited mileage warranty. Yes, they will regret it; I drive like a maniac (according to friends and family) and do on average 200 km's/day. That's over 200,000 km's in three years.

The car handles like a beauty although there is a lot of under steer which on several occasions caused my heart to skip.

Acceleration is pathetic although the top speed is acceptable. Engine sounds as if it is dying at over 5,500 rpm.

The car looks really awesome if you have all the cladding and skirts color coded.

I am told that the brake pads are very soft; this may be why there is always so much brake dust on my wheels.

Would you buy another car from this manufacturer? Yes

Review Date: 28th March, 2004