1984 BMW 6 Series 628 CSi 2.8i petrol


Young-timer classic


I've got this car by chance.

It is equipped with AC Shnitzer 17" alloys, lowered suspension and looks very attractive. The car is in very good condition, engine still sounds great.

Usual electric gremlins for such old car are expected, not much, but can be annoying.

General Comments:

It spins at 4000 RPM while driving 200 km/h! Sounds like cruising speed?

Fast, refined and joyful.

One of most beautiful cars in last 20 years. One of the most charismatic BMWs ever.

Would you buy another car from this manufacturer? No

Review Date: 28th January, 2001

29th Feb 2008, 03:28

I do not understand why you are disappointed yet you expect some gremlins from an old car. You love the looks etc, which is why you keep it. (A damn good reason if you ask me) Clearly you don't keep it for reliability so why would criticise it for that, you should have a happy smiley face. If you want reliability and basic car looks buy a Corolla.