1990 Citroen AX 1.1i 1.1 petrol injection


Craziest li'l car ever


Radiator leaks.

Clutch plate is bent for last 2000 km.

Horn died at 175000 km.

There is a decent rusted hole on the doorstep.

Handbrake cable snapped recently.

Regulator for back-light in the instrument table now lost contact.

CV joints need to be replaced.

Gear lever ball is worn out.

ECU reporting non-existent problem from time to time.

Overall nothing serious.

General Comments:

It looks horrible and I can't fit in it being 187cm tall. Pedals are placed under some plastic shelf and feet might jam in between sometimes. Seats are a bit too soft and you can get pains in lumbal area if you sit long enough. Stock size tyres are a laugh, as well as a 3-screw wheel mounting. Spare wheel is under the car so if it sits there for longer time the screw holding it gets jammed and quite hard to release.

But, opposed to the appearance, it is incredibly swift and fast. It's weight has been reduced to the edge, engine is pure gold, responsive and hates gasoline. This one eats 4l of fuel per 100km of ride. It accelerates surprisingly well. Handles great in corners, slides off predictably, shocks are maybe a bit too soft, but it doesn't affect stability significantly. And, it doesn't mind being mistreated (within reasonable range). The hood is steep so you look at the road right in front of you and ride feels ten time as fast. Bottle pockets on the doors are an interesting detail. Don't attempt sex in it.

Would you buy another car from this manufacturer? Yes

Review Date: 10th April, 2004