1986 Citroen BX Leader old type 1.4 ccm petrol


Excellent value for money with distinct character in abundance.


Front sub-frame was rusted and almost broke. It was welded for £50.

New battery.

Rear trailing arm bearings replaced. This improved comfort no ends.

Leaking radiator replaced with second-hand one. No serious leaks now.

Car refused to go due to water in gasoline. Regular fuel top-up and spark cleaning rectified this.

Hand brake cables renewed.

General Comments:

The car was imported from Germany in 1997 in perfect condition, with only 70 000 km on the clock. Previous owner managed to spoil looks and performance somewhat by carrying heavy and dirty loads and lack of care.

Magnificent metallic gray paint-work with black side strips almost like new, body virtually rust-free.

Perfect car for the big family, like mine.

E trim is too spartan (e.g. no rear wiper/washer). Leader tartan seats are very good looking, hard to wear and comfortable.

Early model - specific spare parts are now hard to find even at scrap yards.

Dashboard satellites need some time to get used to, but very ergonomic.

Dashboard PVC plastic is prone to breaking.

Flawless highway cruiser with zero fatigue and low consumption. Not good about town consumption-wise.

No power steering requires lot of muscle during parking.

Skilled mechanics are hard to find outside big cities.

Would you buy another car from this manufacturer? Yes

Review Date: 8th July, 2002