1976 Citroen GS Club 1.2 petrol


A Classic For Every Day And For Ever


Exhaust pipes leak - a bit of welding and the problem was solved (though it wasn't pleasant driving with that terrible odour until I found the leak)

One of the hydraulic return pipes broke, most likely during my 200km long trip home - however I didn't notice it until next morning (i.e. I got home safe) as it bled the car dry leaving it in a puddle of LHM.

Fuel line was poorly fitted - it was rubbing against front discs that eventually cut it in half. Not the car's fault, though.

All of this happened within the first month after I got the car and mainly because I never got around to checking it properly.

Standard oil leaks, not critical yet - to be dealt with this summer.

General Comments:

This is my 3rd GS - before I had a '78 Pallas and a '78 GSX. Those I sold out of pure boredom. The trick is to find a good one - rust being the main point here, also without any noises from camshafts (they tend to wear rapidly if a car is neglected, which is often the case). Parts and repairs are cheap, a good mechanic (a Citroen enthusiast) is the main factor in the car's reliability and running cost. The ride quality, handling and brakes are far better than in most moderns. It looks really cool both inside and out, doesn't use that much fuel (if set up right), drives surprisingly smoothly for a 1.2cc 30 year old car (just think of the sluggish VW beetle) and above all - is fun to drive. I went through quite a lot of very different cars from Renault a 4 to an Alfa Giulietta and a 2002 Peugeot 406 but the GS has an unmatched coolness/reliability/price ratio.

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Review Date: 19th May, 2006