1998 Daewoo Leganza CDX 2.0i 16v petrol/LPG


Big comfy car, very cheap to own


Crankshaft pulley fell off the engine at 130,000 because it hadn't been changed at the 90,000 major service. 45$ fix, no damage to the engine.

Idle air control and throttle position sensor changed a few times, but the engine check light is still on, with no other symptoms. About 100$ total.

Expendables wear maybe too fast, but being cheap to change, ignore it.

Camshaft case cover gasket needs to be changed each oil service +5$.

135,000 - Power steering pump overhaul, 50$.

142,000 - Power steering pipeline leak, 30$.

150,000 - Exhaust repair, 50$.

162,000 - Steering cross shaft rust, overhaul was 30$.

General Comments:

Converted it to LPG first day I bought it. It has a very comfy cabin, yet the suspension is very hard and doesn't match the class.

Trunk could be bigger.

Its tall clearance is fine for bad surfaces and snowy conditions.

Running costs and spare parts are very cheap and the car is highly reliable. Never left me down; even when crankshaft pulley fell off the engine, I drove it safely to a local service center.

Cheap to buy, maintain, repair and drive.

Cruising speed can be up to 160km/h with decent consumption and noise level.

Air conditioning, electric seats, windows, R.W. mirrors and the rest of the equipment is doing a fine job, without a single fault, so far.

It has a GM bulletproof engine.

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Review Date: 22nd December, 2012