2005 Ford Fusion 1.6 gasoline


Great idea, but needs some polishing


Nothing so far.

General Comments:

Compact, short, and easy to drive in town.

Roomy for passengers, great baggage area for 4.0 m. car. I have a lot of short trips in town, and considering that I am 6.4 easy access and higher driver seat is the mayor reason why I choose Fusion.

Very tough suspension, considering I just got out of Renault Laguna. You can feel every single bump on road. But, it is interesting that on higher speeds this is less noticeable.

I was also considering RAV 4, HR-V, but Fusion provided similar for half the price. Also considered Focus and C4, but these cars are designed as a luxury "wanna be" cars which are not so useful for everyday needs. Old Focus for instance, was far better than new one...

Having problems with Laguna, I was stronglly considering japanese cars. But Japanese don't have roomy cars in general. Rav4 and HR-V, which are a class higher, didn't provided more room than Fusion. I sincerely hope that these Fusion-s are well built as Japanese, considering that Fusion is German-made...

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Review Date: 27th February, 2006