1991 Hyundai Pony LS 1.3




With basic servicing everything works just great.

I did not have some big problems with him.

I only have a problem with rust, because it is not protected from the snow and salt at the right time.

A carburetor membrane wants to be a problem!

General Comments:

I think that the car is OK. I put in LPG and it works just fine, and it consumes about 10 LT of LPG /100 km.

I think I will drive it for a long time!

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Review Date: 13th August, 2008

1991 Hyundai Pony 1.5 carburator


Quite decent car


Shocks are horrible, as if they aren't there at all.

Steering rack is worn out, and I can feel it at highway speeds.

Starter gets stuck in the morning.

Key gets stuck in the keyhole.

Rear doors either can't close or can't open.

A few leaking hoses.

Rusts a little in common places, rear wheel arches, around front shock mounts, under the boot.

Burns a lot of oil. (almost 2l/5000km)

The main problem of the car is not really car - related, previous owner had put LPG in it, and didn't even start it with gasoline for about a year or two, and that causes this:

Unused fuel tank will quickly rust on the inside. Fuel lines will rot and get clogged. Fuel pump will seize and its' gasket will also deteriorate and start to leak oil. Valves will be damaged, as there is nothing in LPG that lubricates them, so it will burn more fuel and also oil. All this will make normal operating temperature of the engine higher and that will lead too many other problems, apart from the immense complication of restoring the whole fueling system to functionality.

General Comments:

This is a great, modest car that took me too many great places and behaved decently meanwhile.

Engine is a workhorse, it is lazy and doesn't like to spin very much. Acceleration is bad, the car feels heavy (as it actually is really heavy for its size).

However, it is very comfortable and spacious inside, boot is big and will hold anything you might want to carry around. Seats are good, not too soft, good driving posture, doesn't hurt to sit in for a long time, it can reach and maintain highway speeds (150kph+) with no effort, and you can see that it is actually meant exactly for that kind of use.

Interior looks good, visibility is good and it feels safe inside. It looks good, typical eastern design with american market in mind.

It is reliable, not much to get broken in there, and if something does decide to die, it will work for 10's of 1000's of km after it begins to act weird.

It is a bit tender, but a little attention didn't seem to harm anyone.

Good fuel economy. With LPG, almost free ride.

Parts are difficult to find here as the car was never sold in Serbia, I must order them from abroad and wait a few weeks, but the good thing is that this car is built around existing parts from different japanese cars, mainly mitsubishi.

And it is cheap enough for me to buy it.

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Review Date: 29th August, 2005

10th May 2007, 18:27

Can you tell me the site yoo get parts from cause I can't find them anywhere : (plz.