1998 Nissan Almera LX 1.4i


Very nice compact, but high maintenance costs


Gearbox was damaged when I bought the car. I fixed it by myself. Cost 50e.Wear seat belt (I haven't repaired it, but it don`t look so nice).Head gasket leaks. Repaired (cost 100e).

General Comments:

Car runs very well, but fuel consumption is a little bit high (about 7.5l/100km).It is very good in town, but on a highways it needs a little bit power. It can`t achieve speed above 155km/h.And on that speed, I can`t feel safe in a car.It`s a little bit insecure even in lower speeds.However, engine is in good condition, and on service I checked engine compression. There are a lot of space in the cabin, especially in the back seats. And it has a large trunk. I can put two bags in the back without problems.It`s quite comfortable for long journeys. I imported this car form Belgium without damages on body, but car have a very bad service past. I think I`m gonna sell this car, and buy, probably new Renault Clio 1.2i.

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Review Date: 15th July, 2004