2004 Opel Meriva NJOY 1.6 16v


Spacious car. Enjoy to drive and ride


Broken vertical seat height adjuster

Open door detector failure.

General Comments:

First impression: It's spacious

Second impression: It's spacious

Meriva is very nice car to drive and very comfortable. All controls are soft as well as suspension. Meriva is not a sporty car, it's a car to enjoy your ride. Front seats are very comfortable. Back seats are too flat. Drivers position is high so all-around visibility is very good, except in the front-left cause A pillars are very tick. Back seats can be transformed in number of ways thanks to Flex Space system. I like configuration with two seats on the back and third used as an armrest. Interior is just like in other Opels - black&silver with no design experiments. Manual A/C works well and manages to keep temperature on acceptable levels even on very hot days (over 35C) and four people inside. I have CDR 2005 radio/CD and 6 speakers (4 in the front doors and 2 in the back doors). If you buy more expensive radio/CD you can get 8 speakers (two more on the back).

I have 1.6 100hp engine and it's minimum for very heavy car like Meriva (1350kg). Don't expect to win city car races. However, the engine is quiet. Consumption is about 10L in the city, 7L on the road and 8L on the highway with 140kmh average.

If you wonder how Meriva has so much interior space with only 4.04m length - take a look at the wheel base (2,6m), but also, check out the motor space. Friend of mine made a joke: so, you didn't have enough money so got your Meriva without engine?

Load area is large enough, but if you need more space, back seats can be folded down or even just moved forward. The best thing is 60L compartment below boot floor.

I'm quite satisfied with my Meriva.

Would you buy another car from this manufacturer? Don't Know

Review Date: 9th August, 2004