1973 Peugeot 504 GL 2.0


Made by people, for the people, who know how to ride on clouds


Transmission oil leak, original two barrel carburetor not working properly.

General Comments:

Hi to all lovers of the Peugeot 504!

This automobile is a true star fallen to my hands. It is 3 years older than me (made in 1973).

Its story goes from France to its first sale to Boston, MA (USA), then in 1976, the PUG 504 was exported to Yugoslavia. Its new owner was a lady of YU of that time.

So great an automobile, that it deserve its place in a museum of the automobile industry.

Every mile is a joy and feels like you're riding on a cloud. Body lines, style, and after 43 years, it's still a true lion.

It has quad round lights, automatic transmission, a Landau half roof (vinyl, most likely added in Boston, MA at the time of import in 1973), all original parts except it needed new solution for the carburetor (found a Lada carburetor from that years of production, which fits precise, nut to nut to his 1971 CCM engine).

I'm sure it is one and the only of its kind in the Europe left.

Proudly made in France when the automobile was just that - The Automobile. And cared for with joy in Serbia (Yugoslavia once).

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Review Date: 25th February, 2016

28th Feb 2016, 06:13

If nothing else, Peugeot understood how to engineer/build a chassis/suspension :)

1st Mar 2016, 12:41

The only car that beat a 504 is a Mercedes S Class around that time.

Mine developed a new lease of life at 90k.

2nd Mar 2016, 20:34

In what respect did it beat it? Definitely not in economy and most certainly not in comfort considering the 504 wore 175x14" Michelin XAS tyres as standard, which were tall and narrow compared to the fatter ones the Mercedes would have been shod in. The seat comfort of both was roughly the same, but the suspension travel of the Peugeot was way greater and the comfort way better.

25th Mar 2016, 11:07

It was so long ago I can't honestly remember except I was a back seat passenger at the time in the Merc and I thought how good it was. Had I been driving the Merc, maybe I would have come down on the side of the 504 still. Both good cars, and the 504 after a new set of plugs, points, valve clearances were checked etc was a joy to drive.