2002 Rover - Austin 75 Connoisseur SE 2.0 CDT


Quiet, smooth, with a superb ride quality


I crashed it only few days after buying it, and the radiator fan was cracked. Because of the OEM fan costs, I had it fitted with an aftermarket. It was OK for the engine, but killed 2 air conditioning compressors, which were changed with no success.

The ABS light was on due to a chaffed ABS sensor wire, and I had the sensor replaced. I had minor electrical problems with doors, windows and locks which were fixed easily.

The car was crashed a few times before I bought it, neglected for a year or two at dealers, and that's the mother of all the problems.

The seat adjust switches never worked at all and the airbag light was always on...

General Comments:

Quiet, smooth, with a superb ride quality, Rover 75 diesel is the best buy at a budget price.

Interior and equipment are so much better than competitors that any comparison is impossible!

If you want a transport from A to B, then 75 is NOT the choice. But if you want to drive the car, you will see the difference in a second. 5,5l/100km highway, 8,5l/100km in the city is VERY nice for a 1600kg bear.

The cabin could have a bit more room for legs, but that's it. Driving 1100 km in one day, piece of cake!

Would you buy another car from this manufacturer? Yes

Review Date: 18th January, 2011