1997 Volvo 460 Base 1.6i


Very good car, reliable, but expensive to maintain


Nothing had really gone wrong with the car. Just some regular service etc. oil change, cam belt...

Had a crash with it and had to buy new headlights and hood (damn expensive!!!).

General Comments:

Performance is at satisfying level, it's a lot better at higher speeds then my previous Renault although it was 1.7.

The crash I had was due too my fault. I crashed at the speed of 80 km/h into Shkoda in front of me. Since it is Base version it doesn't have ABS so it couldn't stop at slippery road. Luckily it didn't even damage the air condition radiator while Shkoda got almost bent in half.

It is very reliable and roomy. This is the first car I had with an air condition... I'll never take another without it :) Long trips aren't even felt with this car. High stability at high speeds with 185/60 R14 is guaranteed. What more to say,but that it is really nice car and also good looking. It's cheap price is probably because of it's expensive parts. I had to pay for used hood 300 pounds at local store and also they are the only one that had it... Anyway it's your money so you decide what to do with it.

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Review Date: 11th August, 2005

5th Oct 2005, 10:37

I am the owner of a Volvo 460 GLE 1.7 liter. I'm the first owner, and I had a similar accident. The problem was in the front brake pads (worn out), so I crashed into the Golf series 1 in front of me. My damage was the same; hood and the front lights. The Golf was scrapped.

Generally I didn't experience lots of faults. High pressure hoses for the A/C burst when the car was 2 years old, and now I'm dealing with an electrics problem. Some time ago I noticed the light indicator for all 4 direction lights on the switch goes on and off, but direction lights are OK. As I am electrician, I was suspecting that something is wrong with electronics, and really today when I was checking it, I discovered the whole bunch of cables passing next to CPU are rubbing on the frame of the CPU, which is an aluminium frame. The CPU is positioned above accumulator battery, on the driver's side. If I find something else, I will write again.

Regards to all from Croatia, maudovic@inet.hr.