1980 Yugo 101 Confort 1.1 petrol


Comforts are best 101's ever built by Yugo factory


All four doors and tailgate were replaced due to rust after 10 years.

Car went for only £100 in 2000 due to corrosion body damage beyond repair, which is hardly surprising for a 20-year old car.

General Comments:

The seats are extremely comfortable - "confort" trim.

Genuine Fiat engine never let me down. Superb acceleration for its body size.

Not to be driven beyond 120 km/h due to rattles and squeaks.

Plastic wheel archers improve corrosion resistance of front wings.

Low-mileage/rust-free Confort is a bargain and is sought-after even now, after 20 years of obsolence.

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Review Date: 8th July, 2002

1979 Yugo 101 B 1.1 4 cylinder. gassoline


Good old fellow


General engine crash in 1995.

Transmission blocked in 1993.

Windshield and front hub crash due to a storm in 1992.

Almost all glass broken due to a bombing shock waves in 1999.

Completely roasted and repaired in 1996.

Two Gas pump breaks in 1992. and 1999.

And more...

General Comments:

The seats are uncomfortable.

The suspension is exhausted.

Brakes are too "soft" i.e. pedal must be pressed very hard.

Always need to be cranked twice when outdoor temperature is below 20C.

Gear shifting is a very delicate operation, sometimes it takes more than 5 seconds to put the handle in proper position.

Spare parts are cheap and easy to find.

Can be bought for less that 150$.

I love that car...

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Review Date: 18th April, 2002