2000 Yugo 55 Tempo 1.1 Tempo


Best car ever made. I am delighted with it


Nothing for now.

Few bulbs and just ordinary maintenance.

General Comments:

The color is superb (Lemon yellow), with alloy wheels on it and stylish side mirrors) also in yellow), blue lights on wiper washers (very cool look) and dark tinted windows. Real pimp my ride style. Girls are crazy about this car and they scream while am cruising along the city in the night (remember - blue lights).

The seats are very spacious because I am 170cm high and 112 kilograms of weight. The cabin is pretty large for me and for the girl (s). The rear bench is pretty good for some late night gymnastics (when I am lucky). :) The boot space is very generous for such a small car. I can put two creates of beer or one pretty big roasted pig (that is when I am going at country side).

I have LPG inside so it cost me almost nothing to cruise through the city (some 2 euros outside the city and some 5.5 euros on every 100km in the city). This Yugo have fantastic acceleration and top speed is some 175 km/h on highway.

The brand new car cost some 3500 euros.

Now I can say that Mercedes sucks and it is a piece of garbage.

I wish that Yugo never stop with production.

Would you buy another car from this manufacturer? Yes

Review Date: 13th April, 2008