2004 Audi A6 1.8T MU 1.8 turbo


Smooth, luxurious, surprisingly economical


CV joints replaced; $1K.

Interior plastics flaking on buttons.

General Comments:

A refined larger, longer limousine.

Same engine as our TT, same good power, but greater momentum due to mass of the larger vehicle.

Great brand image in Asia.

We bought this a week ago for $47.8k, which is a lot less than the $198k new price. This is 5.5 years old, with 65k km on the clock.

In 4.5 years, we will get $25K back in scap value, so the cost of ownership is $5k per year... vs the new owner losing $20k + per year in the first 4.5 years.

Fuel economy is excellent, due to the stored momentum in the car vs the slingshot acceleration of the Audi TT with the same engine.

Maintenance costs are expected to be higher than a Japanese car... but then that is factored into the price.

Most Singaporean cars of this age (2004 vintage) are scrapped !!

Ride is good, handling OK, smooth, slightly less tight... but can be fixed by changing the shock absorbers.

There is a strange over revving of the engine when coasting downhill. Dealer says this is a quirk of many Audis with the Multitronic gearbox.

Very happy at the moment with our purchase.

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Review Date: 28th September, 2010