2001 Daewoo Tacuma SX 1.6 petrol


A value for money MPV left unnoticed by the Hyundai Matrix


The fuel gauge does not function properly. It always stays at the half-mark although the fuel tank is either full or empty.

More road-insulative materials should be used to make the drive more quiet and comfortable.

The airconditioners were not cold enough.

General Comments:

It has a very smooth pick up. 100km/h felt more like 60km/h. The ride was very comfortable, until we drove over humps. Overall, the ride is more refined and supple than its direct rivals.

A lot of space for an MPV in its class. Better than a Hyundai Matrix, seriously.

The sound system is simply fabulous!

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Review Date: 15th October, 2003

29th Dec 2003, 00:56

I beg to disagree with the fact that this car is more spacious than a Hyundai Matrix. With the rear sears completely folded down, Daewoo Tacuma (Now known as the Chevrolet Vivant) offers a total of 1320 litres of space. On the contary, a Hyundai Matrix gives you more than 1500 litres of space with it's innovative foldable rear seats.

13th May 2004, 11:50

The Daewoo Tacuma is a great family car and is definitly Daewoo's best effort yet however it cant match th Hyundai Matrix for build quality or comfort

22nd Oct 2004, 05:50

I agree with the first comment.

My fuel gauge is doing the same.

2003 Daewoo Tacuma SX unleaded 16v




Car's pedals should be bigger. Too small for people with big feet to operate. tires should be 195/60/15 instead of 185/70/14.No body-kits to upgrade to. should have option for leather seats and cruise control. More soundproof should be added to the engine and side doors, because sometimes can smell the car's carbon monoxide coming in.

General Comments:

The car pickup is great.

Lot of space in cabin.

Seats are quite comfortable.

Able to carry big and long items.

Sound-system loud and good.

Gearstick get in gear without problem.

Storage area is very well design into the car.

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Review Date: 11th August, 2003

8th Apr 2004, 10:45

Carbon monoxide is odourless.

26th May 2004, 10:33

I think he is trying to say carbon dioxide, car's fumes.

3rd Oct 2004, 12:57

Carbon dioxide is also basically odorless - it will be hydrocarbons from the fumes that smell.

2002 Daewoo Tacuma CX 1.6


Value for space and stability.


So far nothing has gone wrong with the car. Fuel meter was stuck, but after 2 full tanks it functioned properly.

Original Korean tires was a bit noisy, so changed to quieter Japanese tires.

General Comments:

Great for putting the whole family (3 adults and 3 kids) on a trip to a resort with 3 mountain bikes hanging on the back.

Fuel consumption could be better though, 11litres/100km, but to be expected for a car of this weight. As stable as a 2000 Honda Accord because of its weight.

Engine a bit rough though. It probably is due to the extra push needed for the heavy car.

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Review Date: 20th March, 2003