1978 Datsun 120Y GL


Very reliable car


Slightly rusted roof top replaced 2 years ago.

The doors were changed.

Gear box was overhauled.

Upholstery of seats and sides doors was done.

A new white paint coat was done.

The car was in showroom condition.

General Comments:

Having used it for 26 years, it was driven 600,000km. When it is driven on the road, people will stop and ask how old the car is? And they will reply, oh I learned to drive using this car.

A very easy car to drive; my compliments to the manufacturer for giving me a lovely car.. Thank you Datsun, Nissan the manufacturer... I will keep it as long as I live...

"I love you 120YGL...!!"

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Review Date: 9th December, 2003

21st Aug 2013, 10:59

600,000 kilometres! That's incredible but believable for one of these cars. What wonderful machines and such a great talking point.