1996 Fiat Uno Zest 1.0 IE 999cc


A cheap, reliable transport and will not be shamed when covering distances with it


Distributor Cap dead at 97000 Km.

Brake rotors were replaced due to uneven wear.

Radiator flushed and cleaned.

Water pump bearing replaced.

Rear bumper mounting broke on left side.

Brake screeching still present after replacing pads.

Clicking sound when brakes are applied. Can't find the problem.

General Comments:

Had no major work done on it in my 1st year of ownership.

The ride is hard and body rolls during fast turn-ins.

Particular with spark plugs, must use dual-copper type.

Hard to get into 2nd gear, sometimes.

Fuel consumption is good for city use. I get between 11.7 km to 13.5 km per litre of petrol.

Had Twin Surbo fitted and the car drives much better and is more responsive.

The Uno can drive upto 140km/h and stay there for 100+ km.

Comfort is OK once your body get used to the high seat and awkward pedal position.

Would you buy another car from this manufacturer? Don't Know

Review Date: 19th July, 2002

19th Mar 2006, 07:26

I got about 20-21km/L during the 5 years I own a Uno Zest. Perhaps, some mechanical problem with yours.