2002 Honda Fit 1.34


Good look, FC, but suspected design reliability


EGR had to be replaced when the car encountered jerking at about 1500rpm.

Car is experiencing vibration at 1500rpm. This is believed to be either due to the lockup clutch wear or the CVT fluid used not being optimized.

General Comments:

This is an update from my earlier report in 2003.

Overall, the fuel consumption is still hovering around 16.1km/litre at 95 Octane petrol with 50% city & 50% highway driving.

In the earlier post, I mentioned that the car jerks at 1500rpm & the problem was resolved by resetting the ECU. However, over time, the engine failure light started to light up. It can be reset by disconnecting the batteries, but it'll light up again when the accelerator is depressed harshly.

I later found that the EGR valve was not working properly. I had it replaced (DIY) & the problem went away. I understand from some forumer(?) that the EGR may be cleaned. I tried doing it myself, but it just seemed too difficult.

Next, I encountered some vibration when when the car was moving from stand-still to 1500 rpm. This happened when the car was 2.5 years old.

I understand that the CVT solution (ATF-Z1) Honda uses was not optimized. They have since recommended using CVTF or HMMF. This provides better friction. I've yet to replace the CVT fluid, but have heard testimonies that the new solution will take longer time to break down, thus offering a longer period between changes.

In any case, some are recommending that the CVT fluid be replaced every 10K instead of the recommended 40K (Instruction booklet). If so, this would offset the savings one gets from the excellent fuel consumption that this car offers.

This is still a very versatile car with its seats which can be folded till you get a flat bed in the cabin. It has allowed me to transport many bulky item including a large baby crib.

Since this car is bought through a parallel importer, I did not expect good after sales service. The first EGR issues were not fully acknowledged resulting in my having to resolve it through a private mechanic.

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Review Date: 20th October, 2005

10th May 2010, 20:57

What does EGR stand for? I'm new to this.

11th May 2010, 16:03

"What does EGR stand for? I'm new to this."

EGR means Exhaust Gas Recirculation.

2003 Honda Fit 1.3


Practical and cheap to maintain


The air-con compressor failed at the end of 1 year, but that could be due to a frontal accident I had a month back, though I did not notice any damage to the compressor or engine at that time.

General Comments:


Almost the full range of 1.3 - 1.6 cc cars available was considered before the Jazz/Fit came up top in terms of cost of ownership & practicality.

After driving it for 2.5 months, I must say I've made the right choice.

I've no problem storing my 2 huge baby seats into the boot area, which is already filled with a stroller & kits knacks, whenever I needed space for back passengers. The fact that the back seats are flat & do not arch to fit the butt may means less comfort to some, but it is most practical when trying to squeeze as many passengers as possible into the car. I've attempted carrying 2 adults, 2 teenagers & a toddler at the back, though it's only for a 20 minutes journey.

Power wise, the car did not suffer even under such a load, with me & another teenager in front. The car has no problem reaching top speed of 110km/h though it is not a car that one would go for in terms of raw acceleration power. Honda has other models that cater to those who have racing instinct. Most of my friends who test drove my car was however quite surprise by the power a 1.34cc car could offer.

In terms of fuel economy, I'm averaging around 15.5km/l.

The flexible seat had came in handy once, since I took over the possession of the car, when I loaded the car with 100 packs of lunch boxes & other extras for a group outing.

The interior is a tad of too much plastic, but it does offer lots of storage options.

The high seating position makes it easy to get in & out of the car as well as carrying my toddlers into their car seats.

The Continuous Variable Timing transmission offers very smooth ride & zero power loss even with the air-con in full blast.

Oh, my only complain is that the air-con is not as cold as was offered by my previous Nissan Sunny.


Still loving this car for its power though it's only a 1.34.

Also enjoying the space & the very flexible seat & cargo combination.

My fuel consumption is now at 15.9km/l (base on the digital meter) when on 92 Octane & 16.3 km/l when on 95 octane. This really wows me & keeps me smiling.

With 2 adults & 2 toddlers in the car, the car starts to feel the wind lift when at 140km/hr. Didn't dare to move faster in case I lost control.

There's an occasional slight vibration at around 1200-1500 rpm when moving off from standstill. It's believe to be normal & resetting the ECU (I think it means: Engine Control Unit) sometimes helps.

Though it uses 8 spark plugs, the lower frequency of replacement compensates for the cost.

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Review Date: 8th June, 2004

8th May 2005, 10:19

The writer may wish to give more details on the fuel consumption figures given. He can provide the reader with how many percent of his journey is on highway and city. This will serve as a better guide for the readers to do comparison. Thank you.

17th Jul 2005, 13:41

You many want to post the question on FitFreak.net.

It's an international web community for the Honda Fit and Jazz.

16th May 2012, 07:17

Can anyone tell me how MITASU oil for CVT works? I know the recommended oil is HMMF, but I cannot find it where I live.

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