2006 Hyundai Trajet CVVT 2.0 petrol


Value for money spacious MPV, if looks, FC and performance are not your key considerations


Well... it's high mileage for a 5 year old vehicle, and it was not well maintained by the previous owner.

To date, I have done the following to restore it:

Replaced cam rocker gasket.

Changed my steering rack to a re-conditioned one.

Changed absorber mounting and all absorbers.

General Comments:

Had to do some restoration work on this. Apart from that, have been enjoying the comfort of this ride.

Weight to power ratio is horrible (under powered). So decide if you want to have good fuel consumption (by moving off really slow), or rev the engine to get a decent speed, and ignore the fuel consumption. You can't expect much from an old school 4 speed gearbox.

Well if you do not observe your driving habits, this car can be a real guzzler. But no matter what good practices you have for fuel saving and driving patterns, the best you will probably get is around 10-11km/litre. On average, most drivers are getting 7-8km/litre.

The cabin area is large and very comfortable. But the A/C cooling for temperate climates is insufficient; takes time to cool down. Best to leave the rear A/C on all the way, even if there is no one in the rear.

As this car stopped production some time ago, parts for repair and accessories are not too conveniently available, and stock is very limited. Otherwise, you have to order and wait for shipment.

But personally over here, I still find it's a value for money MPV, as long as it's still running with some repairs here and there.

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Review Date: 11th October, 2012

2005 Hyundai Trajet CVVT 2.0 petrol


Value for money, and safe on highways


Battery went flat soon after warranty. The Pioneer VCD player (came with the car) was not able to display images after I replaced the battery. Pioneer admitted the fuse would blown every time a new battery was installed.

Digital clock ceased to display after 2 years. As the workshop estimated a cost about S$300 to repair, I decided to rely on the clock provided by the Pioneer VCD player.

Michelin tyre at the front wheel burst after 3 years.

Headlight bulbs blown after 3 years.

General Comments:

Engine parts are reliable, and never give trouble.

Body is solid. It can withstand collision by motorcycles on Malaysia highways.

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Review Date: 8th January, 2011

2004 Hyundai Trajet CVVT 2.0


Spacious to carry tools, equipment, people. Ride comfort.


At 42000 km, battery run flat (1 year use). I guess the car has been in storage quite sometime.

At 50000 km Engine check signal turn on. False signal. Rectify free by Komoco.

Left the car at Kemaman supply base for 21 days while working offshore. No starting problem, after 21 days.

General Comments:

Front cabin big.

We are a family of 8. There are enough spaces for all. I drove extensive long distance for work in Malaysia and visiting home town. Most roundtrip trip cover 1000km within 3 days. Have been using for 18 months covering 61000 km.

50% of trip is off highway. Trajet is comfortable on typical narrow and bumpy Malaysia road - Pagoh- Bukit Kepong - Labis- Air Hitam. Ride better at full tank, making Trajet heavy and stable. There are enough power to accelerate and overtake (overdrive off) with full tank and 7 occupants (approx load 600kg). Top speed reach 150kmh on highway, off highway 130kmh. No vibration. Its a breeze at 110kmh speed limit.

I have a log book from day one, detailing every trip, maintenance & petrol fill up (and consumption). FC on Msia hiway 10km/ liter. Avg for off hiway in Msia is 9km/liter with 50% in overdrive mode for overtaking.

FC in Spore 8.2km/liter if driving constantly at 80kmh and below, and down to 7.5km/liter if driving at 100kmh with 40% overdrive mode.

So if someone say this car is a fuel guzzler, I think its not true. I got detail figures.

My previous Mazda 1.6 FC is 11 to 12 km per liter.

Trajet is not fancy, compare to Toyota Picnic or Grandis or Estima. It attract less attention compare to other models. Especially in Malaysia.

My millionaire boss do not want to drive his Honda Odessey to Msia. He rather go with my Trajet or the company's Santa Fe.

Btw the Santa Fe can easily reach 160 kmh to 170 kmh.

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Review Date: 14th April, 2006

9th Dec 2008, 06:35

My Trajet pulls left and no dealer can find what's wrong.

It only does 18 MPG, which is pathetic.