1970 Land Rover Series 3 Diesel


At last, a reliable Series 3 - it is great!


Bought sight unseen - when on business trip. Wired the money by internet. Picked up the following week.

$15 paint and $5 for 4 paintbrushes - changed the colour to pillarbox red in 2 days over CNY.

$300 gave it a new fabric roof.

$280 for a full service and break overhaul.

Running very well with jumbo wheels of chrome.

Finally found out to start the glow plugs so excellent starter now.

Steering a bit vague - but better than most S3s.

General Comments:

Car is very entertaining. Reliable for its age.

Exceptionally cost efficient due to expected $1 COE.

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Review Date: 1st March, 2007

1968 Land Rover Series 3 88" 2.3 petrol


Huge fun - for short distances


The Colour - Was red and yellow. I painted the roll bar and dashboard matt black.

General Comments:

Super smooth engine - very quiet. this is due to this being PETROL!

Huge fuel consumption of Petrol. Low Road Tax. Huge fun factor. Wonderful as a 3rd or 4th car in the family.

Sold to an young SIA pilot... Who is used to bad fuel consumption of the Airbus/Boeing.

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Review Date: 14th September, 2006

1980 Land Rover Series 3 Lightweight 2286CC diesel


Cheaper and louder than a Harley! and just as impractical!


Steering Loose $50.

Handbrakes and brakes fixed $180.

Battered as a proper army truck.

Needs new tyres.

Slips out of 3rd gear.

Headlights a bit on/off.

Canvas hood needs replacing.

General Comments:

Seriously fun vehicle - especially when it had its steering and brakes fixed!!

Took off the canvas roof since just too too noisy.

Cheapest Convertible in Singapore @ S$16K with COE to 2010 and renewable @ $5K and dropping!! Fuel $20 a tank and Road tax $750 per year. Only NTUC spoiled the fun with $900 insurance 3rd party. But hey! anyone can drive it now!

Easily takes 5 friends on short jaunts.

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Review Date: 26th January, 2004

2nd Jan 2017, 09:49

I loved that truck - the government spoiled the party by having a COE system that means that to keep the vehicle on the road every 10 years requires a UKP 25,000 payment for the "Certificate of Entitlement" to drive on the road. Now drive a sensible, safe and super reliable Toyota Landcruiser (2007). Looking out at these smaller Land Rover vehicles from the comfort of air conditioning.

1972 Land Rover Series 3 SWB Diesel 2.2 diesel


Cool to drive, but too unreliable


Engine - seized - needed rebuild $2000.

Gearbox - seized needed rebuild $1500.

Starter - stopped - $300.

Radiator - bashed a new Mercedes $500.

Injection - black smoke - needed cleaning.

Emmissions - failed every time.

Seats - needed recovering.

General Comments:

Cool car - no windows. Had to sit in middle of the bench seat when it rains.

Good for scaring off new cars - particularly Mercedes.

Rides like a dog, sounds like a dog, belches fumes, very lovable.

Great for the financial district of Singapore.

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Review Date: 26th January, 2001

23rd Jan 2005, 07:24

It's a shame you where lumbered with a bad one generally they are tough as bricks!