2001 Mazda Premacy 1.8 petrol


Good MPV for the money


Engine rather noisy when driving at 120kph and over as noise protrude into cabin. Wind noise also higher.

General Comments:

Very torquey ride considering an MPV of 7 seater. Road holding good like saloons. Fuel consumption reasonable as compare to other MPV's in the market. Getting average of 11km/litre of fuel. Roomy for 5 seats. If fully use up on 7 seats, some legroom compensation needed with juggling between middle row seat. High seating position without the need to climb in. Thsi is just what I need. Meaning the floor board is same as saloon cars. Only the seats heights are higher. With the ceiling also higher. Stable at high speeds around 160kph. 3rd row seat should have split fold rather than complete fold with removal option.

Never regret buying the Mazda Premacy 1.8A. Surprisingly powerful engine match in.

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Review Date: 18th March, 2005

18th Mar 2005, 13:43


In Europe, Mazda Premacy only has 5 seats! Different version, is this what we call the MPV?

22nd Mar 2005, 06:14

Premacy's are consider MPV since the seats are able to shift or move around creating space when in need. As far as I knew, 5 seat version have individual seats by itself. Whereas those 7 seater version have bench seats for middle and last row. Although it can be slide, release and fold to create space when needed. Enigne matching normally depends on the countries dealer or distributors what is suitable and easy for them to market considering the needs in each country.

2003 Mazda Premacy 2000 G-Sports 2.0


A good and versatile mini MPV


Some noise during braking.

Yet to send to agent for full diagnosis.

Speaker not so great, lack bass and sharpness.

Storage space limited with 3rd row seat fitted.

General Comments:

This car is value for money.

Mine comes with Sunroof, Leather seats (3 rows), Fog light, Sun Film, 16" Sport Rims on 205/55R16 Yokohama tires, Full year of road tax and insurance.

The family loves it, everybody has his/her own seat.

Blaupunkt Stereo set with 5 pieces front loading changer.

The family loves the sunroof, makes the car feels more spacious.

The 3rd row seat can be removed easily.

I have installed light performance tuning kit (Iridium plugs, voltage stabiliser and grounding cables, performance filter, air charger and fuel charger. The kit has boosted the performance of the car by a notch (about 8-10%). You can feel extra pulling power from the engine.

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Review Date: 18th March, 2004