2004 Renault Megane 1.6 petrol


Good ride with disappointing reliability


Power windows failed on 3 occasions within the first 2 years (35,000km), twice on the same window. However, I think this design problem has largely been resolved; the problem has not resurfaced.

Engine sensor failed in the 2nd year (45,000km). This caused the engine to shut off below 1k rpm.

Door seals were worn in the 2nd year (45,000km), resulting in water ingress on 2 doors during heavy rain. Seals were replaced.

Throttle valve was clogged in the 3rd year (50,000km). This caused unstable rpm at idle.

Ignition coils failed in the 3rd year (55,000km). Engine power dropped significantly. 2 coils were replaced.

The problems within the first 3 years were fixed under warranty with no recurrences.

Transmission solenoid failed in the 4th year (60,000km), after warranty. This caused gears to be stuck between 2nd and 3rd gear.

The rubber finish on a few surfaces (hand brake, door handle, glove box) started peeling after the 2nd year.

General Comments:

The interior is roomy and seats 3 passengers in the rear comfortably. Ride comfort is generally good.

Sound insulation is good. You will hardly notice the engine or the noise outside.

It has a spacious boot and many small compartments to stow items. With the rear seats folded, it becomes almost flush with the boot floor, allowing bulky items to be transported easily.

Handling is fair, but don't expect it to handle like a racer (which it isn't).

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Review Date: 1st February, 2008