1994 Rover - Austin 600 620 SLi 2.0 petrol


Reliable and comfortable, but the automatic model needs better acceleration


ABS failed within a few weeks of getting the car. Very expensive to replace (approx.$4000 Singaporean). I didn't have it replaced.

Left front headlight failed every few months (I used to carry a few spares with me).

Brake problems. Leaking radiator hoses. Oil leaks.

General Comments:

Although I didn't want this car originally, my company had several Rovers (620s and 820s) and I was strongly advised to get one as my company car. I must say that I'm glad they did. A very reliable and comfortable car.

The car was very good for driving around Singapore although I took some time to get used to the large turning circle (this was my first front wheel drive car). Acceleration was a bit average. First gear was geared too high and the engine struggled until the revs came up.

On long trips to Kuala Lumpur it was excellent. Effortless highway cruising. On one occasion when I let it rip, it passed 190kmh.

The brake problems, oil and radiator leaks mentioned above were due to completely inept service personnel. On three occasions, after being serviced at the Authorised Rover Dealer, the car had to be taken to an independent service agent to have fixed properly. The Dealer would usually suggest that parts such as C.V. joints, water pump, alternator, battery, starter motor etc. needed replacing each time the car was taken in for service. I had none of these replaced and the car still ran perfectly for 4 years.

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Review Date: 28th May, 2002