1998 Skoda Octavia GLXi 1.6


Do ever think of BUYING one here!


Well very excited when I collect the car, but after 1 year when the warranty almost over the noisy breaking sound start to come. Then the front window holder gave way just after few months the window just drop down. Got it replace from another car in the workshop. Than when I went for overseas attachment, my wife told me the dealer closed shop, with the breaking noise unsolved. By then almost all four doors had the part replaced, after unexpected "droppings". Found that all Volks car had the same problem about 2 yrs need to replace this part informed an old friend I bumped into at the Volks specialist workshop. Maybe these continental cars not meant for our hot tropical weather. The front break noise reduced after I sent this car to this Volks specialist workshop much cheaper and reliable service. After that I gave up this car, sold to one and only 2nd hand skoda dealer.

I finnaly switched to a ever reliable Japanese car.

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Review Date: 3rd March, 2003

2000 Skoda Octavia 2.0l SLX


Having owned the car for 2 years, I expect that most of the common faults have surfaced. These include:-

Boot locking mechanism replaced twice (after 2 to 3 months)

Service interval warnings are stupid and dealer can't seem to program them properly. Told them to turn the indicator off.

Coolant level warning indicator comes on even though there's no problem with the coolant. Replaced coolant tank and sensor (after 1.5 years)

Window lifter on driver's side had to be replaced (after 2 years)

Road noise and vibrations are quite obvious, especially at highway cruising speed. Had to change tyres which help to reduce noise.

Poor fitting leather trim seem cheap.

Fuel line leading from fuel tank to engine had to be reconnected after I went over some road debris which hit the fuel line.

General Comments:

Handling was good compared to Japanese car. Boot size is great (good enough for 4 golf bags). Body shell is hard and gives good protection in case of accident.

Body roll during cornering is quite bad.

Rear leg room is not enough.

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Review Date: 29th July, 2002

2000 Skoda Octavia LX 1.6


A good budget car spoilt by bad service at the local agent


- Water vapor in Skoda badge.

- Difficult to engage 2nd gear.

- Airbag warning light does not go off despite having been reset by the dealer.

General Comments:

Bad quality of work done by the Skoda service center here in Singapore.

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Review Date: 8th October, 2000

25th Dec 2000, 00:44

I'm a resident of Singapore and am just thinking of buying an Octavia. The new car will be available in about 4-6 weeks from now (Feb 2001) according to the only one local agent.

My worry is very true after reading this article. The local exclusive Skoda agent is very new in Singapore and is privately owned. This means if the business is really bad, they may be bust over night and leave us alone in the dark sea.

To run a business for marketing such an unknown brand is difficult enough, not to mention to build a strong service support team to compete the first class Nissan and Toyota services.

With selling less than 30 cars a month and just started promoting less than 3 months in the market, without strong manufacturer backup, even the best car will fail to survive in this highly competitive market.

Whoever lives in Singapore and felt interested in this excellent car will have to take a risk of lacking service backup for many years to come. It's really a pitiful situation. Why don't VW undertake the service internationally and charge to Skoda?