2001 Subaru Forester 2 litre non turbo


Great Family Car, Solid Built Quality with SUV benefits


When I first took delivery there was a rattling sound in the back that took a long time to resolve. They managed to nip it after 3 days of checking. Some loose screws in the body work.

A year ago the timing belt broke when I was on a highway. Scary, but managed to struggle the car to the dealer. Timing belt damaged played havoc on all related parts. Thankfully it was covered by the warranty. Otherwise would have cost me over S$5000 work of repairs.

General Comments:

Apart from the two problems mentioned above, this car is amazingly reliable and predictable. While it is not the latest model, I am reluctant to replace it with a newer model just because it is newer. This car is not a looker and even ugly in some angles. BUT it is strong, fast, dependable - safe and the AWD is so solid. Recommended to several of my relatives and two of them bought newer models. All agree with me about the car. Must be the most underrated SUV in the market today.

Shortcomings - backseats too narrow - improved in the newer models. Also the newer models come with light pressure turbo.

Before I committed to buying this car I was hesitant in buying a Subaru. However, after extensive online search on the reivews and owner feedback convinced me that it was a good investment. HOWEVER - if in SINGAPORE - forget about buying it from the agent.

The car was "delivered" to me by a phone call to come collect it - covered in white dust - and fuel tank almost empty. Each time after servicing, my interior will have oil stains on different parts of the car. Pissed me to no end.

Good car, but crap agent. Fuji Industries should wake up to this. Cars cost so much in Singapore and people expect good service as a result. I would have upgraded my car to a newer Forester if it was another agent.

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Review Date: 25th April, 2004

2001 Subaru Forester 2 litre non Turbo 2 litre non turbo


A good value for money investment


Rattling sounds in the back of car. Timing and Fan belt breakage causes major problems.

General Comments:

This car was chosen because I wanted to have a new 4X4. Made detailed research to what was available in Singapore. The positive reviews were main reason for the purchase. Was not disappointed with the car although I wish the design was a little more progressive. However, the local licensed dealer is truly the all time winner for the Worst Dealer Award. The car was handed to me covered in dust and the fuel tank empty. Several times when I sent it in for service my ceiling lining was soiled by the mechanics. They refused to do anything about it.

The car itself is an excellent and safe car. However, it is not perfect. When the timing belt broke, all hell also broke out. The power steering failed and accelration disappeared. Fortunately they repaired it very quickly, but of course all belts were paid by me.

The rims were OEM, but really dull looking. Tyre provided are capable, but noisy.

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Review Date: 2nd January, 2003

2002 Subaru Forester 2.0 non turbo


Great car, crappy agent


The car performs beautifully, road holding is superb. Able to take corners at fairly high speeds without even hearing the tyres screech.

The BIG LET DOWN, was the service from Motor Image Singapore (part of TanChong). After taking your money, all your problems, please refer to the salesman.

Car was delivered with leather seats, but they obviously used the left overs and all the seats had a different shade. Motor Image did not even get any management staff to help, but threw everything to the salesman to do. But unfortunately, the leather shop was really not bothered about entertaining the salesman. Had to personally deal with Motor Image supplier, caused me 3 days, but no results. After more than 1 month, the problem is still not solved.

On top of that, there were lots of broken clips and missing screws, ALL FROM THE LOCALLY INSTALLED EQUIPMENT like IU, AIRCON, SEATS.

IF only parallel imports were able to get this car.

General Comments:

Great car, but destroyed by poor local dealer Motor Image, with poor service and poor workmanship on local kits.

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Review Date: 2nd April, 2002

2nd Jan 2003, 09:30

I absolutely agree with the comments on this car agent. Too bad FUJI japan has no clue how bad this agent is. It is almost laughable that they still have the agency after so much bad experiences from the public.