2002 Subaru Impreza TS 1.6


Good car, lousy local agents


Overheated just minutes after receiving it from factory. Brought it immediately to dealer. Waited 4 hours before being told it was due to "faulty thermostat". Car released after thermostat changed by agent's mechanics. Next day, overheated again. Car docked for 3 days before released again. About 4 months later, car overheated on the road again. Had to argue with agent to get the problem looked into. Took another 2 days for the mechanics to trace fault. Finally told it was due to "multiple fractures in the radiator". By this time, heard some strange slushing noises from the inside of the glove box. How reliable... especially from a reputable brand. Good car, lousy official agent.

General Comments:

On the bright side, the car was great on twisty roads and never felt unpredictable. However, the failure of the official agent's mechanics to trace the overheating problems puts grave doubts over their knowledge of the car/brand. Agent also failed to compensate properly despite their own admission of failing to cure the problem. Imagine having 3 overheating incidents within 6 months with multiple trips made to the service center with no reimbursements made out to you. Actually had to write to the Japanese HQ Chief GM in order to get the local agent to seriously look into the car's problems.

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Review Date: 22nd November, 2004