1991 Subaru Justy GL 1.0


Needs TLC and parts are very difficult to find. you get the idea


I got this car because my girlfriend liked it and the number plate is lucky.

Things that went wrong

1.distributor screw up

2.sputtering and stalling when travel above 100km/h

3.radiator temperature near boiling

4.leak engine oil from gasket, oil pan, valve cover

5. steering neck spoilt

6.rear wheel bearings gave funny sound

7. Radiator fan spoilt.

General Comments:

For a 16 year old car the above problems are pretty normal considering people who drive this car in my country are either old or grannies. so when I start to rev him he started coming apart.

I am a young adult and when I heard the sound in the engine I knew he was good. The pistons were in tone and after doing up the car and adding some neons and TLC like air charger, denso sparks and good cables. The car still hits 140km/h. Mind you its in stock condition without any engine modifications. Exhaust is gathering carbon and have to change it soon. Its consumption is still very good 14 km per litre from 80km/h driving and 10 to 12km/l when i am blasting the sound system...revving up to 5 and making all the new cars become envious of you.

Would you buy another car from this manufacturer? Don't Know

Review Date: 26th April, 2007