2005 Subaru Legacy 2.0 i 2 litre petrol


Good drivers car - passengers look elsewhere


Day 1 - front left fog light not working - easily fixed.

Steering pulls very slightly towards passenger side since Day 1.

General Comments:

SPACE - for a mid sized car, not great. Seats are low so perceived space is not great even though legroom is OK. Front legroom is also not great as it it taken up by the gearbox and drive train. Glove box small and not much storage space.

SEATS - Good, no complaints.

RIDE - Could be better.

HANDLING - Fantastic. As good as it gets.

NOISE - Very quiet.

PERFORMANCE - Underpowered and engine needs to be pushed hard to 3000-5000 revs to get decent performance at the expense of FC. Unresponsive at low revs.

ECONOMY - Not bad (40 mpg or 14 km/l) on expressways. Push it hard in town and you get 15-20 mpg or 5-7 km/l)

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Review Date: 4th August, 2006

8th Sep 2006, 04:15

I had a 2.0 Legacy from new. Be patient - engine takes ages to bed in and seems to run-in finally at about 30000 kms when performance gets noticeably better!