2005 Toyota Fortuner 2.7 VVTI petrol


Big, white whale of a car. Reliable truck


New aircon at 165,000km.

New gearbox at 180,000km.

New starter motor at 203,000km.

New torque converter 205,000km.

New battery x2 over 60,000km.

Two punctures on big (265R15) tyres over 60,000km.

General Comments:

Big car. 11 years old - yet still big with good road presence.

You get respect - that is needed in city state cut and thrust driving.

White. Looks cleaner - even when not.

Nice big wheels - good for climbing car park kerbs and big grass verges near the pre-school.

Seven seats - good for extra kids.

A bit high... need to use shoulder to push the grandparents' botttoms into the high rear seats.

Ice cold aircon. Rear aircon cool too!

Can fill the car full of IKEA stuff - no problem with 225cm tall wardrobes and 2.4m planks of wood. A complete dining set gets swallowed whole.

Drives fast up to 110kph. The legal limit in Malaysia. Wobbly steering after 110kph. OK with me.

Would you buy another car from this manufacturer? Yes

Review Date: 29th July, 2016