1986 Volvo 340 GL 1.4


It's a tank that's meant for cautious/beginner drivers


The tyres gets squeaky within a month after servicing. The steering wheel and the car vibrates rigorously as the speed increases from 60kph. Instrument panel light will malfunction when moody and comes back on when happy. The previous owner has done tremendous servicing within a year e.g. carburettor change, clutch kit change, brakes change, speedometer change, all kinds of motor/pump servicing, exhaust pipe change and the list goes on...

General Comments:

The car is comfortable and I feels good when cruising at high. However, when it comes to traffic lights, the car takes time to accelerate to cruising speed (dangerous in city driving). Lousy power and drinks petrol. When it breaks down, it's difficult to find workshops that have the spare parts. Worse still, Volvo dealer (Singapore) is also relunctant to service the car because of no spare parts.

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Review Date: 3rd July, 2000

24th Nov 2001, 14:56

You said that your steering wheel vibrates. It could need wheel balancing and tracking done from a tire shop. Hope this is of use.