1992 Alfa Romeo 75 ie 1.6


The last pre-Fiat Alfa!


Clutch mechanism got stuck.

Persistent problems with Alfa control sensors (brake control, screen wash liquid control, battery control).

Engine head was renewed at 55000km.

Handbrake becomes loose too quickly.

General Comments:

The last classic Alfa.

Riding offers a lot of enjoyment due to the transaxle concept. You just need to buy good tyres.

Engines were outdated, but they still met performance standards at the time I owned it.

Interior is roomy enough, nicely designed though a little stiff, equipment is above average, but there is a lack of finish.

Suspension is very well balanced and reasonably comfortable.

The engine with injection is a bit weak which results in low fuel consumption (never over 10 litres/100km).

And if we talk about the exhaust system sound: I still hear it in my dreams! Oh yeah!

Would you buy another car from this manufacturer? Yes

Review Date: 16th September, 2001