1979 Autobianchi A112 Abarth 1050


Handles like a go-cart, goes like a rocket! Rusts!


Complete clutch failure; Alternator broke; Carburettor broke; Headlights; Ignition sensor; Fuel pump; Thermostat twice;

General Comments:

A very good car vhen it comes to performance and handling, but when you look at the rust you get sick. Not the most reliable car, but at least it is cheap to service and everyone can repair it.

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Review Date: 17th April, 2000

20th Feb 2001, 01:54

The best thing about the A112 Abarth is... second gear! It can take almost any car up to 1.4 litres on second gear! And it is also quite easy to modify! And what was that about handling? All the fun is going sideways.

Anybody know a company that does body kits for the A112 Abarth? Please reply to timosc@hotmail.com


17th Jul 2001, 11:18

I'm about to buy an Autobianchi A 112 with the less powerful 58HP engine. Do you think 826,64 euros is a good price? The engine runs good, but there is a bit of rust at the doors (nice colours: red car with black hood).

For the price of 1180,91 euros I get the same car with the 70HP engine, is it worth the money?


17th Sep 2002, 22:50

Get the Abarth engine, if you can. Whatever the cost! If you do not like it, it is always a good investment. Here in Denmark it cost from a 1000 euros and up wards, even in mediocre condition. Because of the crankshaft, the connection rods, the cylinder head and the rocker box with its integral manifold for the double-carburettor (get that too!), it is what the Cooper-engine is for the BMC A!

27th Feb 2004, 05:54

Believe it or not, this man that wrote this review bought another A112 Abarth in January 2004!


29th Jun 2005, 19:19

A beautiful car, if a little complicated when it comes to reliability. Fun to the extreme I used to street race one in Athens, great fun, if anyone knows the official 0-60mph please contact me!