1995 Citroen Xantia SX 1.8i


You can't help yourself becoming a fan of Citroen


Rear spheres had to be replaced at 40000km (100 DM for renewed ones).

General Comments:

This is a car you start to adore. I'm again and again overwhelmed by its secure riding in relation to the soft suspension.

Performance is quite fair, the car accelerates smoothly due to nice torque. You can use maximum speed for long motorway journeys (it's below rev limit).

And if we speak of comfort: today I sat in Opel Vectra and I thought I was on a bench.

I'm just longing for some Citroen originality, but these days it seems to be gone.

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Review Date: 15th September, 2001

29th Jan 2002, 08:02

I agree. I am starting to love my Citroen 97 TDLX estate. I have had it 7 months, its a great drive, starts first time and so comfortable. It has a few niggles like the main beam warning light hidden by your hand and water coming in through the tailgate but overall very pleased.

6th Sep 2002, 10:12

I have had 5 Citroëns – a 2CV, 3 BXs and a Xantia 1.9TD SX. The last has been the best equipped and the most roomy, but oh! What a frustration! Painful and expensive experiences with the hydraulic system that garages and main dealers struggled to solve (new pinion valves, height correctors, hydraulic pump, a couple of accumulator spheres), a couple of ABS sensors (wrongly diagnosed by a main dealer), failed electric window mechanism, failed speedometer sensor, poor quality locks (boot has failed completely), a remote that doesn’t, and a receiving unit that falls out of the headlining regularly. In 4.5 years of ownership and 50K miles costs are approaching £4000 for garage bills. I have the car serviced religiously at the correct intervals. On the plus side, delightfully comfortable to drive, with adequate performance given the size and weight with hatchback versatility. Fine, reliable diesel engine, but typical Citroen notchy gearbox (apart from the 2CV) Average of 43mpg. In summary well equipped, but cheaply made – not a car to buy second hand out of warranty. My last Citroën.