1992 Mercedes-Benz W124 E220 2.2 petrol


(almost) Perfect


Fuel pump replaced at 217.500 km (190€)

Fuel tank leak at cca. 230.000 km - replaced with a "new" one from a wreck (120€)

Replaced two steering joints (235.000 km - 90€)

General Comments:

The engine (110kW @ 5500/min, 210Nm @ 4000/min) is still powerful enough. Together with a very smooth automatic transmission is a wonderful combination (except for, in some circumstances, a noticeable "power gap" between 2nd and 3rd gear). Fuel consumption is sustainable - averaging at 9-9,5 l/100km, dropping to 7-8 l/100km on highways at moderate speed. The reliability is very good, although not excellent. Things do wear out, that's an undeniable fact. If I look back at service records, I can see mostly things that are on the "black-list" for the w124 (wiring harness, fuel pump, kick-down switch, etc...). The price of spare parts can be very high or ridiculously low - it depends on the part itself. In alternative, you can get plenty of cheap spare parts from wreck-yards.

The riding comfort and general driving feel is, in my opinion, better than in most of much younger cars. Air conditioning is perfect. Two are the things that I personally dislike. First, my car is not equipped with rear headrests (considering an upgrade - it should not be very complicated). The second thing is the driver's side rear window, way too small to be really safe.

Now approaching 300.000km (cca. 245.000km on the clock + additional 50.000km estimated on original papers and documentation - as it is a common practice to turn back mileage on used cars by local dealers) and still going strong.

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Review Date: 11th October, 2005

24th Nov 2005, 22:33

I would like to know what the cost of the wiring harness is and if there is a fix other then replacement?