1979 Renault 18 TL 1.4 petrol


- Cooling circuit thermal valve.

- Starter motor.

- Plastic part of the radiator blew up (the radiator was not original though).

- Right axle joint.

General Comments:

I bought this car when it had 180.000km on the counter, but had very little problems with it (made 20.000 km since then).

It has always passed half annual MOT with NO PROBLEMS. The engine consumes just half a liter of oil per 9000km, and there's 200.000 km on the counter. Think about it.

But there is another side to this car. If you have a basic or TL version you better not have any hanky-panky in it, 'cos the upholstery of the seats is far from durable - it will look like the rats had their meal.

The 1397 ccm / 4 speed is a bit to weak when the car is fully loaded, but this engine (and other ones in the R18) is one of the most reliable engines money can buy.

You can get all info on R18 at http://ptikem.free.fr/

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Review Date: 14th March, 1999

5th Jan 2001, 09:00

You must use the original parts for radiators and for the axle, you can rebuild it.

From naulty@eudoramail.com