2004 Renault Scenic dCi 1.8 turbo diesel


Not recommended


- Engine blew up after 6 months, 1000 euro to replace it.

- The digital speedometer started to flash and eventually died.

- A lot of rattling noises after 150000km.

- At 180000, a muffler fell down.

- At 190000, I had to replace the complete braking system and e-brake pulley system.

- At 200000, a turbine blew up, and I gave up.

- And of course all the service intervals.

General Comments:

A very comfortable and nice car to drive, but with a horrible engine and reliability.

The 1.9 dCi in those cars was originally a petrol engine, and only modified to be a diesel. So it can't handle the pressure. So they die after 200000-250000km, and there is nothing you can do to prevent that, unless if you rebuild the engine, and that costs the same as if you replace it.

And my car had the mileage turned backwards, so I've got no idea how much it had done really. Probably around 300000. I will never buy from a car dealer again.

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Review Date: 11th May, 2013