1996 Skoda Felicia GLXi 1.3


Just a Skoda


-Burns oil, about one liter every 1000 km

-Catalytic converter was changed

-Exhaust rusted

-Rust under rear window

-Clutch needs to be changed

-RPM gauge doesn't work anymore

-Thermostat was changed.

General Comments:

This is my first car and I must say it is reliable and good ride.

The 1.3 engine from Skoda does 50 KW or 68 HP, but it is slow and it doesn't like hills. Also very bad acceleration when overtaking other cars. It is noisy, sounds like an old diesel. But it does good power at low revs and doesn't drink too much fuel if you don't push it too much (6l/100km).

The transmission OK only the R gear makes strange sounds (put it in first gear before you put it in R if you want to skip the sound =) )

Car has a lot of under-steer and it is not good for fast driving. Brakes are good even on wet roads.

This is my first car and first Skoda...I won't buy any other 1.3 Skoda in the future, but I would like to drive 1.6 Felicia which is more powerful and more fun.

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Review Date: 12th December, 2007

27th Jul 2008, 16:16

I have just acquired this car from my father, and every problem you have mentioned has happened with mine!

The most annoying thing is most of the power comes when revving what sounds like 4000rpm up (as rpm meter is not working) but then it just sounds ill, so I try and avoid that if I can!

Glad to see I'm not the only 1 with these problems.